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How to order?

What you should know:

Before ordering a 3D caricature, you should know that:

- Main production time is 7 days;

- 3D caricature is not a replica of a person. It is a small life-like portrait figure;

- But it’s 100%  handicraft that is made by the team of professionals;

- The standard height is 18 cm but if you wish higher we can do that;

- The figure is like photos that you give us.

How to make an order?

1. Choose the topic and the figure you like;

2. Do next options at figure’s page:

 - Upload 3 photos of the person for a figure: full-face, profile and half face (45°). Be sure that the photos are of good quality because the likeness depends on these photos. Just try to take some photos of that person. He or she will never realize for what you are doing that. You may use any photos you like but make sure that they are not changed with the Photoshop or other programs.

Here are some examples:

-        - Choose eyes and hair colour;

- You also may choose any of our cost options (e.g. faster making or any title on the base of the figure).

3. Check everything in the shopping cart and click  “order”

4. Complete the areas with your contact  information and click “make an order”

5. Wait for our administrator get in contact with you to elaborate some details of your order;

In several days we show you the computer prototype of the figure. If you want to change something, we’ll do it and then it will be sent to making and colouring.

6. When the figure is ready, we send it with a transport company.

7. You get it and present a gift.